Owl Sight, Owl Mind

by Motel Guide

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For more information on the sensory/cognitive faculties of owls, please visit your local wildlife center.


released July 1, 2017

Album art taken from "Hunting with a Decoy" by Francisco de Goya, 1775.



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Track Name: Little Hands
Little hands on the train tracks
moving along.
Little hands on the train tracks
singing their song.

Marking their place in time,
but only seen by those
who spend their nights
looking behind.
Track Name: The Sunday Paper
Before the notes are written,
to be washed on down the drain
I think of how I'll fit in
with all of the forbidden words to say.

And though I've never painted,
I know the colors of the trade.
Making use of all that's there to choose,
all the brightly shining hues and shades of grey.

And if I had wings
They'd hang up high in the closet
with all the rags that I forget
and even though the table's set
the food all tastes the same.

da da da

The paper says...
the foggy air is gone
but it wont be long before
the sky is filled with smog
brought on by a wind that carried it
from a town without a song
it's never made a sound
though some will say that they have heard its whispers
but they never last for long
there has to be a way
to end all of their suffering
but the road that leads there is farther than the eye can see.

If only we had wings.
Track Name: Samworth's Summer Journey
The summer winds blew out the lamplight overhead.
The violins played soft and heavy.
There's medicine still in the blood of the newly dead.
It's not a sin to take what's been used already.

It's not a countdown
or a passing whim.
It's a sign reminding you where to begin.

Past the authorities,
they're creeping in.
Finding a new mind at ease,
and a home to live in.

da da da

Sam has been acting up again.
He throws a fit and then,
he loses all his friends.

Sam and his brand new caravan,
always they miss their cue to stand
and lose sight right at the end.

[Sam acts up]

And Sam has been thinking about all he will win
if he can convince his hands are steady.
He's delicate and precise like a heart surgeon,
but you'll only see when he's good and ready.
Track Name: Dark Eyed People
Don't follow though.
Your brown eyes will never be
that shade of blue.

We grow like a weed.
An embryo

But I won't tell you
to put aside, to run and hide
all your letters.

The loan that I owed
for all the time we spent inside
dyin' every night together.

I couldn't show
how the fern that grows,
how the wind that blows
doesn't know
any better.
Track Name: Know Pt. 2 / The Unreal River Valley
You heard it come,
and you saw it go.
You spoke on things you never could have known.

Your pile rose,
and now it's gone.
But the heater's drone kept on and on and on.

The coming day
starts filling in.
And now the light shines on but a tad bit dim.

Oh no.

Here the heat brings no warmth
the cold no refreshment.
The seat we've freed has no more worth,
it leaves me to grieve the loss
of resentment.

Here the pleasure is unnoticed
or painful, if it exists.
And papers filled with names of thing you're
thinking to enlist

to keep the freeze
coating every leaf
for weeks well past the spring.

And that's all you'll ever need
in the creek
of the dead valley.

And that's all you'll ever need
in the creek
of the dead valley.

And that's all you'll ever see
in the creek
of the dead va
Track Name: Flow On Through / Cool Down
Floating away,
what can a hospital say
to you?

All the flushing skin fades
so let's sleep for a day
or two.

We'll do all we're supposed to do.
Who knew, that love always flows on through.

To look at your face
and see all the grey on you.

How can I complain and not have to lace
my shoe?

How can I complain, and then throw away
what you grew?

How can I complain when you'll go away
so soon.