Sweaters Keep Us Warm

by Motel Guide

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An EP dedicated to sweaters and why we wear them.

For an optimal listening experience, please listen in an environment no warmer than 64° F and with no fewer than 3 sweaters in your wardrobe.

(Disclaimer: not all songs may explicitly reference sweaters and their usage, but believe me, it's in the subtext)


released January 30, 2016



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Motel Guide Texas

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Track Name: Know
Come on in, take a seat.
I should have known that we'd meet.
The door was locked, the blinds were closed.
I couldn't stop what came from down below.


The cold came back, without a storm.
We'll live in black while sweaters keep us warm.
The growing fad of burning rope,
has never had such fuel for it to blow.
The knowing man, the sowing girl
they're going back to see their beds unfurl.

I should have known
I should have grown
I could've left before I'd hear the cries echo.


I looked at the mural on your wall.
I turned and said "it's a painting of how men fall."
You looked at me, and began to laugh.
You turned your head and said "who the hell told you that?"

"I don't know"

I don't know
Track Name: Meditations in Vagrancy
How do the roads, paved with the stone hold centuries below the street I see?
And where will you go when you're tired and old and sold the clothes that showed where you would like to be.

Keep dreamin'

And when you're on the road, how will you know the cold won't come untold and bring you to your knees?
But your eyes are much too bold for the trade that you have chose and the tires roll much too close to your feet.

Keep dreamin'

And the crows perched on your shoulders heard you scream.
When you rose your head and woke up from that dream.
And you cried, and they heard you cry.
Why can't I find the time to die.
Track Name: Faces
You have been kept in a cabinet behind all the glass.
And taking a peek at the room on the days that you can.
And patiently waiting while slowly containing the sunlight.
But passing the time with a glass in your hand doesn't seem right.

10,000 faces I see everyday of my life.
Wandering, they all walk carefully, talking in hushed tones.
10,000 faces have trouble escaping my sight.
I wonder if any of them see mine.

And if you walked home, what would you find there?

And silence isn't scary, it's just what it implies
And that's a weight that you will carry for the rest of your whole life.
And if you came by ferry or by plane or by your feet
There is a street car that is waiting with the friends that you will meet.
And they will greet you with a smile that is plastered on their face
And welcome you with open arms and such an inviting embrace
But please don't turn your face for they won't stay in place for long
How could you reject what has in fact been in your sight and is it wrong
For us to try and clamber up this hill to see the dawn?

and now that I've arrived, I'm wondering
"where have they gone?"

And if you walked home, what would you find there?
Track Name: Don't You Worry (?)
Don't you worry while you stand what creeps behind?
Every single night you will find a place to hide, in your mind.
Don't you worry what your phantom has to say,
he may be in a hurry but he knows you'll find your way.
Don't you worry because worrying's a sin?
What doesn't stay in sight for long you might as well begin.

I'm rehearsing for the show on the day the new leaf turned
even though the theater burned by that cursing naked bird
we'll stay here for a while, and see who comes up next
while the well versed devil's call is just a tad bit too complex

Oh captain, au contraire.
And maybe on another world I'd care.
But not right now.
And why ask how?
In what fields do you lie?
And if they burned, would you still learn the secrets of a summer night sky,
and all it endows?

And why ask how?
Track Name: My Day Off
Stuck in the first high from the bound,
what you've found, is just mud in the ground.
Runnin' from that awful sound,
of a life being undone, of some twine being unwound.

Have you gone, back to your home town?
To see the sights that you have known, under a light that's never shone on them before.
On and on, floats the lightest ship,
until the waves that carried it,
have torn to shreds what was unfit to reach the shore.

On my one day off I followed a dog and lost my hollow ways for a while.
One by one, they crawled back single file while I watched them run and run and run.

So I jumped into a shallow grave,
the occupant said to go away,
"this is my domain, you have no say in here".
So he retreated to his tomb of grey,
on the road he built and the path he paved.
Only if I had the chance to say,

there was nothing to fear
there was nothing to fear
there was nothing to fear

There was nothing left to fear.
Track Name: Not The End
And he came home, to make amends, and taste the air
And though he closed, his open ends
There wasn’t any sense in leaving without saying goodbye
But please don’t shout, and please don’t cry.

Through eyes of love they kick and screamed
“You own a great book that you won’t read”
And this he knew, he said with a laugh
But in the rain, it will not last.
“I know what’s best, I know what’s true”
“I’ve seen the trees and the sky so blue”

And he came home, to make amends and taste the air.
And he came home, to make amends, this is not the end.
This is not the end.
This is not, no this is not.